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1. Opening/Kick-Off/ Impressions – crowded aisles – robot with football
2. FANUC M-2000iA/2300 – largest robot at the fair (6 axis, range 3734 mm, lifting force 2300 kg ) holding Audi Q2 and collaborative robot without fence
3. Interviews: Olaf Kramm, Director & Vicepresident Europe
“Traditionally, Automatica was a trade show for robotics with a focus on mechanics. Now, we see an increase in software development. That means IT and robotics are merging. You can see that at IT2Industry which takes place alongside Automatica. The collaboration in handling data with the mechanics side of things is what the industry will need in the future.”

“Behind me there is one of our collaborative robots with 35 kg of lifting force. This one is for the so called red work spaces. That involves weights humans cannot handle for 5 or 6 hours straight. We showcase this with a spare tyre – a real world application as one third of all cars is equipped with one. So humans don’t need to lift the heavy tyres into the car all day long. That’s done by the robot. Really new about this robot is that it doesn’t require a safety fence any more. It’s a collaborative robot that means it’s got sensors that detect contact so that humans will not be injured by the robot. It recongnizes humans in its way, thus protecting the workers.”

4. VDMA – Workplace of the future (B-ROLL)
5. VISIO Nerf „Plug & Work“ with Cirrus 3D
6. YASKAWA „Balthazar“. Robot mixes individual lotions for internet orders and labels them individually
7. Interview: Richard Tontsch, Manager Marketing, Robotics Division
“Balthazar is connected to the internet. Users can compose their products individually, selecting ingredients on a website. The robot gets its orders from the server, mixes the product, and labels it individually e.g. with a personal message. So, you get a highly personalized product – batch size 1.
8. Fraunhofer – Industrie 4.0 und Smart Factory
9. 3 Interviews: Hr. Dipl. Ing. Martin Hägele, Division Manager Robotics & Assistance Systems

“Robots are smart systems. They are of course connected and have always been dependent on interfaces. Thus industry 4.0 is the logical next step, connecting the machines themselves, exchanging data and working with the data to make processes more efficient and transparent. This leads to a more flexible production cycle that saves resources. Robots are perfect for this. They are flexible, they are easily programmed and they are highly productive in an industry 4.0 environment.”

“At Automatica you can see that robots become more and more common tools for craftsmen. That means that one will work intuitively with them in the future by means of language, gestures and showing.

Eventually they help to be more productive at a conventional workspace and deliver higher quality together with physical relief for the worker. That’s our vision.”

“Mobile robots are connected via the cloud. These systems have their own regulation and communication and exchange data with the cloud. It’s important for the mobile robot to integrate all data, that it collects while driving, into a map. This map is constantly updated and shared with all other robots that are present in the production facilities. So every robot knows where there are obstacles and where there’s free space to drive. Thus, one can effectively plan the tasks for every individual robot. No matter what’s happening on the production floor, every robot reaches its goals in an ideal manner.
10. Demo Park Live presentation with Dino Robotics and Kinova
11. Dino Robotics: collaborating robots
12. KINOVA wheelchair arm „Jaco“ can help the elderly or disabled people at home.
13. B-Roll “Jaco”
14. COMAU robot is polishing a Maserati
15. SAR – Robot serves Bavarian beer and sausages
16. End
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