AUTOMATICA 2016 – Service robotics has arrived in everyday life



Shotlist roughcut SR
1. Cyberknife
2. Generals shots of Prof. Alexander Muacevic at his desk 00:00
3. Cyberknife Control Room 00:54
4. Patient arrives 02:09
5. Patient at exposure, Cyberknife robot moving aroud her head 03:00
6. Doctor at the control room while patient is exposed 05:46
7. Establishing shot of Cyberknife building 07:05
8. Interview Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Muacevic, Radiosurgeon/Neurosurgeon Cyberknife (German transcribed/translated):
“In comparison to the usual procedure of exposure, Cyberknife is extremely accurate down to a value below 0.5 millimetres of accuracy. Thus, we don’t need a lot of steps of exposure. We only need one session of around 30 minutes, which is non-invasive.” 07:16
9. Bielefeld University / CITEC with Mekabot
10. Mekabot service robot moving around the house 7:39
11. Mekabot interacting with human, pointing and performing several tasks 7:55
12. Interview Prof. Dr. Helge Ritter, Coordinator CITEC at Bielfeld University (German transcribed/translated):
„First of all, it has to have all the basic properties of a robot. It has be able to evade obstacles and recognize its environment to a certain degree as well as humans. This is all implemented and can be realized with common technology. However, we are especially interested in developing the social skills of the robot. Present-day, robots are rather unemotional and cold, but we want the robot to be a companion of people, that can show us something for example or we will ask it something and it’ll give us an explanation.” 16:32
13. Conrad Elektronic Store / Service Robot „Werner“ at the store
14. General Shots from outside 17:14
15. Customer arriving 17:25
16. Customer meets robot „Werner“ and is led through the store 17:36
17. Detailed shots of „Werner“ 22:30
18. Interview Kurt Stegerer, Branch Manager Conrad Electronic SE Regensburg(German transcribed/translated):
“Our new colleague, the robot, was received pretty well by our employees. He does not only look cute, but in embodies the values of our company in a way – advanced technology.” “The robot supports our employees and it gives orientation to our customers so there is more time for consultation.” 23:01
19. END 23:39
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